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Auto Accidents

Attorney Rodney C. Haron is your auto accident resource in Fresno and the Central Valley

Contact Fresno Personal Injury Accident Attorney Rodney C. HaronDrunk drivers. Distracted drivers. Roads and highways in disrepair. For all the precautions you take to be safe, you simply have no control over the negligence of others. Unfortunately, the consequences of such negligence can be devastating – and the results life changing.

The Rodney C. Haron law group will help you navigate this difficult, stressful and confusing time, allowing you to focus on getting well while we fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

How we can help you with your auto accident

From scheduling medical appointments and reviewing paperwork in detail to catch innocent – and not so innocent – errors, to confronting insurance experts and investigators, whose only mission is reduce the payout you deserve, we work tirelessly every day for victims of automobile accidents and are committed to doing whatever it takes for our clients.

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