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Trucking Accidents

Attorney Rodney C. Haron is your truck accident and big rig accident resource in Fresno and the Central Valley

Just as car and passenger vehicles cannot match the destructive power of 18-wheelers, victims of truck accidents often find themselves at a severe disadvantage when attempting to recoup what is fair. If you are a victim of a crash involving a truck, not only are you dealing with your personal recovery, but you also must confront the army standing behind each truck driver – from the insurance companies to the trucking companies and even the truck manufacturers themselves.

How can the Law Office of Rodney C. Haron Help you in a truck accident?

The only way to fight this kind of army is with one of your own. The Rodney C. Haron law firm is comprised of skilled litigators with access to the area’s foremost accident investigators. There is only one truth when it comes to these devastating accidents and in the fog of the moment, it is critical to rely on the dispassionate and scientific experts at our disposal to recreate the scene and assign negligence where it rightfully belongs.

Only with such an approach will you be fairly compensated for what you rightfully deserve.

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